Simplify your travel with our Travel Account

Consolidated invoices

Gain greater control by consolidating travel expenses in one place

  • Review flight and hotel expenses on a single invoice for a more complete view of your company’s travel expenditure
  • View your company’s travel expenditure patterns more easily to support discount negotiations with suppliers
  • Obtain tools to monitor and ensure travel policy compliance; for example use of preferred airlines and hotels
  • Save time through simplified administration enabling you to directly link travel expenses to cost centres
    or cost units.

The invoice can contain purchases and expenses made with the company’s First Card charge card and travel expense account jointly, or card and travel expense account separately. No other charge card affords the same possibilities to coordinate purchases through a card and travel expense account. It is your company’s needs and procedures that determine how the invoice is to be devised.
Your company receives a detailed collective invoice based on the information from the travel agency’s delivery records. When the travel booking is completed, all relevant information is already entered into the back-office system. A unique feature of First Card Travel Account is therefore that First Card assumes responsibility for all arrangement and updating of information on the account in the travel agency’s back-office system.