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To notify a claim you must keep the receipts of your purchases and obtain a declaration from the airline company (or another travel supplier). The receipts are absolutely necessary to prove your expenses, for instance in connection with delayed luggage.

For more information, please contact First Card customer service on +45 70 20 63 09.

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Apply for changing or adding travel agency

Price list

Price list

Currency conversion rates when using the card abroad

When you make purchases and cash withdrawals in EEA currencies, you can use the calculator below to compare the exchange rates used by Nordea with the European Central Bank’s (ECB’s) reference rates. Select your card in the calculator and enter the transaction amount, currency and date. The calculator will show you the amount you will be debited in euros and the difference between Nordea’s exchange rate and the ECB’s reference rate.

 As exchange rates change from day to day, you will always get Nordea’s daily rate by using the calculator and entering your transaction details in the calculator.