Basic features of First Card - built to suit your company’s everyday needs

Our basic features suit most companies, but we also provide add-on services to cover all your needs. First Card is a holistic payment system that eliminates administration for both you and your employees, and puts you in control of costs. You can focus on your business so that your company can flourish and grow, while we help you save time and cut costs.


Card services

Sign up for First Card and we’ll provide you with a solution with basic features that saves time and provides the control needed to simplify administrative processes.

Card acceptance & security

Enjoy unparalleled card acceptance to handle a variety of purchasing needs securely.

Insurance & savings

Receive additional benefits that provide increased security and savings.

Invoicing options

Pay invoices in the way that best suits your company’s needs.


Gain a greater understanding of your company’s expenses and better cost control.

For cardholders: online services & support

Save time with fast and easy access to information, online or through the app.

For administrators: online services & support

Manage your cards easily online and obtain support from our customer service


Simplify your travel

Travel Account provides a quick and convenient invoicing solution to control travel expenses. Add it to your First Card, or sign up separately, to manage your travel purchases using an integrated solution that works with any major travel agency.

What is a travel account?

Easy travel booking for all your employees

Consolidated invoices

Gain greater control by consolidating travel expenses in one place

Supplier integration

The Travel Account works with all major business travel agencies


Improve your cash flow

Make use of extra time to process your company’s payments with a longer interest-free grace period when you add Extended Payment to your First Card solution.

Extended payment terms

Get the extra time needed to process payments without incurring penalty fees and pay on the timeframe that works best for your company.


Expense reporting made easy

Both your company and your cardholders save time when they manage expenses with transaction data that automatically integrates with your existing expense management system. Expense Management is available as an add-on to your First Card.

Loaded directly to expense reports

Save time and improve efficiency through automatic expense file integration

Compatible with most systems

Flexibility to use the expense management system that works best for your company

Offer: Digital receipts - Kwick

With First Card and Kwick you can choose to digitalize the handling of receipts, eliminating the manual administration of receipts a thing of the past.


For larger companies

We have an outstanding track record of helping large organisations achieve total control of travel and purchasing processes. Our RFP team is standing by to walk you through the details of our service portfolio.

Card options

  • Liability options (private or corporate)
  • Additional card
  • Visa scheme option
  • Integrated SAS TPC in the card
  • Airport lounge access

System integration

  • Feeds to external reporting tools
  • Digital receipts included in a file (Sweden)
  • Import of HR files for automated updates
  • Non-standardised file formats
  • Profile link to Amadeus

Purchasing solutions

Our corporate purchasing card can be tailored to the purchasing policies of your company.

Dedicated support

  • Dedicated contact
  • Corporate support

International solutions

First Card’s partner banks worldwide enable your company to get the same support, service quality and reporting regardless of where you operate.

Benefits & discounts

Discounts for hotels, car rental, fuel, entertainment and much more

Great deals built in

Your First Card comes fully loaded with offers and discounts available to you throughout the Nordics. All you have to do is use you First Card, we'll take care of the rest!

Learn more about your card offers on your local First Card site.