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Supplementary travel insurance

Benefit from supplementary travel insurance that automatically applies to all travel paid for with First Card. The insurance also applies to groups, and also travel booked through your travel agency and paid for using our travel agency-neutral travel account. Supplementary travel insurance covers accidents, trip cancellations, missed departures, luggage delays and more at no extra charge to your company.

Supplementary travel insurance

The travel insurance is activated when you pay for at least 75 % of your trip with your First Card or Travel Account. The insurance includes:

  • Cancellation insurance
  • Delayed luggage when travelling abroad (no qualifying period - compensation for necessary and reasonable additional costs)
  • Travel start cover on departure
  • Delay in public transport on departure
  • Capital sum for accidental injury
  • Third - party liability for damages (private liability)
  • Personal assault cover in the event of bodily injury
  • Excess cover for: home insurance, car insurance and car hire abroad

First Card also includes a Corporate Liability Waiver insurance in case of misuse of the card. Please refer to your local First Card page for more in-depth information on the insurance as well as the terms and conditions for each country.

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