Aloita First Cardin käyttö

Aktivoi kortti

Start using First Card:

  1. Ensure that the name on the card is correct and sign the back of the card.
  2. Download First Card app if you haven't already!
  3. Choose "Activate your card" in the app menu before your first purchase

Now your First Card is ready for use. Remember to discard your old card by cutting it in half if you have one.

First Card App & My Card Online

Remember to download First Card App! With our app you can see your (un)invoiced card transactions, travel insurance, benefits and get in touch with customer service securely. Furthermore, you can open & close your card as well as manage your geoblocking settings instantaneously. First Card App is available for Android and iOS.

My Card Online is easily accessible through this website, simply look for the black log-in button in the upper right corner.

How to activate your card (video)

(embed how to videos here once we get them)

If you cannot do it - call customer support (add text like this)

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