First Card — get more time for what matters — First Card - Get more time for what matters

First Card gives you more time for what matters to your business, through smart payments and simplified administration

First Card gives you more time for what matters to your business

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Flexible payments

With First Card you are able to run your business smoothly; handle your daily expenses and secure your cash flow.

Interest free credit
Interest free creditchevron-right

With First Card you always have fast and easy access to credit without needing to transfer money to a separate account. Purchases are invoiced later, which improves your cash flow.

Flexible payment time
Flexible payment timechevron-right

Get extra time to handle payments without the risk of late fees – we provide you with flexibility with an interest-free payment period of up to 30 days on average.

Smart payments

You and your employees pay easily and securely - add First Card in you smartphone and keep track of your transactions in First Card app.

Mobile payments
Mobile paymentschevron-right

Pay with your mobile – add First Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you prefer to use the card, use tap & go with our contactless cards for a fast check-out.

First Card app
First Card appchevron-right

View your transactions and get notifications whenever your First card is used through our app.

Easy administration

Get more time for your business – simplify your administration with First Card.

All in one invoice
All in one invoicechevron-right

Get all your expenses compiled in one invoice adapted for your company's needs.

Overview and control
Overview and controlchevron-right

View up to two years of payment history in our online services.

Travel with First Card

Travelling for work? Explore the advantages of First Card.

Travel with First Card
Travel with First Cardchevron-right

First Card simplifies your administration by gathering travel-related expenses for the entire company on a single invoice.

First Card Executive
First Card Executivechevron-right

First Card Executive gives you access to lounges, concierge and an extensive travel insurance.

First Card essentials

Globally accepted
Globally acceptedchevron-right

First Card is a Mastercard enabling you to pay wherever you go – online and in stores.


Making sure your money goes where it is supposed to, through increased control and customized set-ups.


First Card includes two types of insurances: Supplementary Travel insurance and a Corporate Liability Waiver insurance.

Partners and benefits
Partners and benefitschevron-right

Our partner networks offers you the best rates when traveling – saving your time and money.

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Want something customized for your company? We offer tailor-made solutions suited for your unique needs.

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