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Larger companies

Full service offer for larger companies

We have an outstanding track record of helping large organisations achieve total control of travel and purchasing processes. Our RFP team is happy to walk you through the details of our service portfolio.

We offer different card options such as charge card with corporate liability, purchasing card etc.

We can integrate your transaction data to your specific systems to improve your processes. We can help you with system integration and support you by offering transaction data fed to external reporting tools, digital receipts included in a file (in Sweden), import of HR files for automated updates and non-standardized file formats.

Our corporate purchasing card can be tailored to the purchasing policies of your company.

We offer you a dedicated specialist and corporate support to ensure you always have the right solutions for the right processes.

We also offer international solutions - First Card’s partner banks worldwide enable your company to get the same support, service quality and reporting regardless of where you operate. You can find more detailed information in the menu to the left.