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Congratulations for getting a First Card! Here is a simple process of setting up your new card : download the app, activate your card, take a quick tour.

Before you start

Make sure your name on the card is spelled correctly

Sign the back of the card

Cut your old card and throw it away

Download First Card app

First Card app allows you to manage your corporate cards, get valuable insights about your expenses and brings a new level of security to your business purchases.

Point your phone camera at a QR code to scan it

Apple iPhone, iPad

Samsung, Huawei etc.

Activate your card


Activate your new Fist Card in First Card app

Take a quick tour

We make business spending more convenient for your staff. Pay with card or use mobile wallet on your smartphone or watch. Always accessible, secure — and easy to follow spending.

Set up mobile payments

Set up mobile payments

Add your First Card in Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay with your phone on the go.

Learn more about mobile payments

Card security - manage where in the world your card can be used

Card security - manage where in the world your card can be used

In First Card app you can manage your card settings in real-time: adjust where your card can be used by opening or closing different areas of the map. The card can always be used domestically.

Learn more about geoblocking

Enable online payments (for Swedish customers)

Enable online payments (for Swedish customers)

To be able to pay with your First Card online in Sweden you need to activate your card for online purchases in the app. Activating this feature in the app allows online transactions for a time window of 60 minutes, after which the card is automatically closed for online purchases again.

Allow push notifications

Allow push notifications

Get notified whenever your First card is used for added card security. You can also temporarily disable your card if you suspect any misuse.

Overview and control

Overview and control

Log-in on My Card Online to access invoiced and upcoming invoices, invoice copies and other features allowing easy administration of your card. For example you can export transaction data and send secure messages to our customer service. Log-in to the service in the upper right corner with your bank codes.

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