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New customer to First Card

I've received a new First Card - how do I activate it?

You can activate your card through First Card app, instructions can be found in the short how-to-video.

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Why do you collect so much information when I apply for a First Card?

According to EU rules and directives, banks and card issuers are obliged to obtain sufficient information to prevent money laundering. Legislative demands have increased on banks knowing their customers (KYC) including individuals, which means we need to ask more questions than before. Therefore it is important to provide sufficient information when you apply.

What type of card is First Card and how does that affect my credit score?

First Card is a charge card, meaning there is no credit connected to the card as such. Instead, the First Card invoice has to be paid in full each month. For companies applying the credit check will be performed on the company, for private liability cards it is the prospective cardholder who will be checked according to current rules and regulations.