Price list — First Card - Enemmän aikaa yrityksesi tärkeimmille asioille


Price list

Card services price list

Yearly fee, per card (from 1.8.2024)

  • 1-19 corporate cards 50,00
  • 20 or more corporate cards 30,00

Yearly fee, per card (until 31.7.2024)

  • 1-19 corporate cards 40,00
  • 20-69 corporate cards 20,00
  • over 70 corporate cards as agreed

Cash withdrawals and currency payments

Cash withdrawals at branches and ATMs, in Finland and abroad 2,00 + 2,5 %
Currency supplement, if purchase or withdrawal in a currency other than the euro or Swedish krona 2,25 %

Additional services

Contact to travel expense invoice system, per year, per company 100,00
Tailored accounting of travel expense invoice system or electronic invoice, per starting hour 120,00
Reporting service, per user per year 100,00

Other card services

Finder’s fee 10,00
Change or renewal during period of validity, per card 10,00
Confiscation fee 170,00
New PIN, per card 6,00
Invoicing fee, electronic invoice, free of charge
Invoice copy 5,00
Concluding a payment agreement 10,00
Reminder, corporate customers 9,00
Reminder, personal customers 5,00
Collection fee, in accordance with collection agency’s tariff
Default interest, corporate customers 16 %
Default interest, personal customers, in accordance with the Interest Act
Temporary change of credit limit/change 10,00
Permanent change of credit limit/change 20,00

Other fees according to the currently valid tariff.