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Airline in bankruptcy

How can I get a refund for my trip when the airline is bankrupt?

If you already bought tickets and paid with your First Card, you should first contact the airline or your travel agency for more information. 

The travel insurance included in First Card does not cover expenses connected to airlines filing for bankruptcyThis means that you won’t be reimbursed by the travel insurance for new tickets or other costs connected to the trip booked via the bankrupt airline.  

If you already paid for your trip with First Card, you can make a complaint about the purchase. After we have conducted an investigation, you have the possibility to get reimbursed. You can’t make a complaint towards First Card, if you already received reimbursement from elsewhere.

This is how you dispute a card purchase 
  1. Wait until you get your invoice 
  2. Call customer service and we will assist you 
This is how you dispute a travel account purchase 
  1. Wait until you get your invoice 
  2. If you are a Danish, Norwegian or a Swedish First Card customer contact us via e-mail:
    If you are a Finnish First Card customer contact us via e-mail: is

Does the travel insurance included in First Card cover when an airline files for bankruptcy? 

No, the travel insurance included in First Card does not cover for airline bankruptcy. This means you can’t be reimbursed for a new trip, trip back home, hotel or rental car by this insurance. You need to turn to the airline or to your travel agency that arranged the trip to get more information from them.  

How do I dispute a purchased trip? 

Wait until you receive your invoice and after that you contact First Card customer service and we will assist you in the dispute. After you have contacted customer service you need you fill in the dispute form and attach copy of booking confirmation with ticket number and other information. You don’t have to pay the disputed amount while we investigate your complaint.  

Can you cancel a purchase for a trip that still is marked as reserved? 

No, the purchase is already processed. Wait until you receive your invoice and then you can contact customer service.  

I have booked a trip with my First Card. Can I cancel the purchase by blocking my card? 

No. An already processed purchase can’t be cancelled, since you already approved the purchase.