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Invoices, purchases and withdrawals

When do I see my purchases in the app?

You can find your purchases and withdrawals in First Card app, where it will be marked in grey as "reserved" right after the purchase. As soon as the purchase information has reached First Card it will instead be marked as “non-invoiced”. The sum will then be added to the total for non-invoiced transactions.

If you have activated notifications for First Card app on your phone, you will get one each time you make a card purchase.

What are the payment terms on the First Card invoice and when will I receive it?

The cut-off date that applies to you depends on the terms of payment selected by your company. If you want to access your invoice and to review all your purchases before the invoice is due, you can check them in the First Card app or on our online services (you can log in via the button located in the right upper corner).

Choosing e-invoicing ensures faster invoice delivery compared to regular mail.

Can I see my First Card purchases and invoices online?

You can do this in two ways – by downloading the First Card app you'll have real-time access to your data, and on our online services (you can log in via the button located in the right upper corner) you'll have access to much more - including invoices and purchases sorting features.

Can I get a copy of my invoice?

In our online service you can view all your purchases and invoices. Please contact our customer support, if you haven't logged in before or have trouble logging in. Contact details can be found further down the page.

Can I select e-invoicing for my First Card invoices? Or a direct debit method?

Yes you can, please order the e-invoice through your Internet bank. E-invoice is a faster and greener option.

In Sweden, you can use direct debit (autogiro) for convenient payment where the invoice fee is automatically deducted from your account. Please fill in the form to get started.

In Denmark, the corresponding service is called Betalingsservice and in Norway AvtaleGiro.

Can I get a copy of a receipt I've misplaced?

You can search for purchases in First Card app or our online services to find the transaction in question. Please contact the merchant when you've located the purchase details and ask for a copy of the receipt.

Why is VAT not always included on all receipts and why is it sometimes wrong?

It is the merchant who is responsible for reporting the VAT amount correctly. First Card displays the data transmitted through the purchase.