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Fraud & dispute

I have a purchase on my card that I do not recognize. What should I do?

If the seller has breached the contract e.g. a purchase or withdrawal has been debited twice, you have not received the products you have ordered, or the product does not correspond to your order, first try to contact the merchant to see if you can resolve the matter together. If that doesn’t work, call customer service and we will assist you. Contact details can be found further down the page.

I suspect fraud on my card. How do I proceed?

If you suspect fraud on your card, please call our emergency support numbers to close the card as soon as you discover or suspect any misuse. Contact details can be found further down the page.

You can also close your card temporarily in First Card app. Please note that is important to close the card permanently and order a new one if you suspect fraud.

How do I dispute a purchase?

If your complaint is about a hotel, car rental or air travel, always start by contacting the purchasing outlet. They will often credit your First Card immediately. If you do not recognize the purchase, call customer service. Contact details can be found further down the page.

Please also note the following:

  • Remember that car rental companies have the right to debit unpaid refills and fines afterwards
  • Hotels have the right to debit unpaid minibar purchases afterwards. Not all hotel bookings made via the Internet include a cancellation right and the hotel is entitled to debit the price of a one night's stay as a no-show fee
  • If your card has been stolen or is misused, report the offence to the police directly. The police will investigate the offence on the basis of your report

Do I need to pay my invoice if I have disputed a purchase?

You don’t need to pay for the disputed purchase(s) during an ongoing investigation, as long as you pay the rest of the invoice. However, please make sure you have contacted customer service if you leave an amount unpaid due to ongoing investigation related to a dispute.

What can I do to prevent fraud?

Fraud can be prevented by two quick measures:

  • Download First Card app and allow notifications. You will be notified when a purchase has been made with your card. Call customer service if you suspect fraud.
  • When travelling, change your card settings accordingly in First Card app.