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Contactless payments

How does it work?

Just hold your card, that supports contactless payments, close to the payment terminal until you see the payment go through. Payments under a certain limit do not require a PIN code, while payments exceeding the limit require it. As an added safety measure you will sometimes be asked to enter your PIN code even in purchases below the limit.

The contactless limits are:

Finland: Payments up to EUR 50

Denmark: Payments up to DKK 350

Norway: Payments up to NOK 400

Sweden: Payments up to SEK 400

How do I know if my card supports contactless payments?

The card is equipped with the contactless symbol if it supports contactless payments.

How do I get started?

If you've received a new First Card you need to make a purchase using chip and pin before you can start using the contactless feature. When you want to activate the contactless feature you simply hold the card close to the payment terminal, and enter the PIN code when requested to do so. After that, the feature is enabled and you can make contactless payments effortlessly - you will be asked for PIN code depending on the amount of the purchase and for security reasons every now and then going forward.

Can I pay with contactless in all countries? How do I know which stores accept contactless payments?

All merchants have not updated their terminals yet, but any payment terminal marked with the contactless symbol supports contactless payments.