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Travel with First Card

What should I consider before travelling?

Please remember to manage your card settings and open your card for purchases abroad depending on where you are travelling to. And don't forget to close it again when you come back home! This is easily done through First Card app in real time.

Can I withdraw cash abroad with my First Card?

You can withdraw cash in all Mastercard/VISA-labeled ATMs. Please refer to local pages for local pricing information.

What is the exchange rate on purchases made abroad?

The exchange rate is set daily on the currency markets, where Mastercard Europe/Visa represent card issuers including Nordea.

Should I select the local currency or my home currency when travelling abroad?

To get the best exchange rate it is usually best to choose local currency.

Can I pay contactless with my First Card abroad?

Yes! Paying contactless with your First Card works worldwide in stores with terminals that allow contactless payments.